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Join A Historic Movement

Welcome to The Wellth House, an exclusive and empowering private membership network designed for women leaders like you.  In a world that often emphasizes our strength, where we proudly take on the roles of leaders, wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, aunties, grandmothers, godmothers, caregivers and friends, we find ourselves pouring into everyone around us. It's time to prioritize self-care and well-being without guilt or hesitation in a space where we truly believe health is wealth.

At The Wellth House, we believe in encouraging you to put on your own oxygen mask first. We've cultivated an environment where you, as a leader, can focus on your personal growth and well-being.  Be among the next 150 "powHERful pioneer" members to secure your place and unlock a "wellth" of opportunities for connection and transformation.


Our community is a special space where authenticity is celebrated - no cape or mask required.  Feel safe, seen and supported by a network of incredible women who understand that leadership can be lonely, but here, you are not alone.  Be part of this historic journey and redefine what it means to be a women leader at The Wellth House. 

As a PowHERful Pioneer member, you will gain access to a wide array of remarkable benefits which include: 

  • Monthly in-person dinner gatherings, massages, wealth building discussions and strategies from a licensed financial consultant;

  • Monthly programming around topics we care about - e.g., balancing work & home, preparing for your next move, navigating board room politics, sabbaticals, etc.;

  • Bi-weekly nutrition and fitness training from licensed professionals - includes aerobics, weight training, yoga, pilates, tai chi and rhythm therapy, to name a few;

  • Life, dating and business coaching along with quarterly invite-only day retreats;  

  • Member spotlights and opportunities to build lasting relationships;  

  • A physical place where you can hideaway and socialize with other leaders, in the clubhouse, at the pool or in the jacuzzi;

  • Bi-annual discounted rates on "Women Who Travel" trips to captivating international locations; and so much more.  

Companies Invest In Leaders


Ask your company to invest in you and its future success, by covering the cost of your investment.  This is leadership development at its best.  When we are well, our companies, our families and our communities are better.  If they won't cover the cost, invest in yourself - you're worth it!




The Statistics

According to Fortune magazine, 53% of women executives experience loneliness.  That number is even higher if you are in the C-Suite or if you are a woman of color. 

Women are leaving the workforce at an all-time high (McKinsey & Company).  Women's share of the labor force has fallen to its lowest level since 1987 (Bloomberg). The bottom line - we are in the midst of a mental health and pipeline crisis for women.


Why the Wellth House?​


You've worked hard to earn a seat at the table.  As you navigate this journey, it is crucial to have the guidance, support, confidence and resources to thrive.  Finding your tribe and joining a community of like-minded women who lead, is essential.  

The Wellth House is an exclusive, private community for women leaders like you. It serves as a safe haven - a place where you can recharge mentally, physically, and emotionally. We believe in the power of women coming together to create positive change in the world, and at The Wellth House, we are committed to transforming lives—one empowered and "wellthy" woman at a time.

Our inher wellth 

Change lives.

The InHER Wellth DaY Retreat

Escape to our serene wellness haven, where tranquility embraces you upon arrival. Our luxurious sanctuary accommodates up to 20 esteemed guests, offering comfort and relaxation.


Unwind in our thoughtfully designed open floor concept, featuring soaring ceilings that exude grandeur. Step outside to discover a captivating outdoor space, where you can bask in the sun's warm embrace and indulge in our heated saltwater pool or rejuvenating jacuzzi spa. Here, amidst the symphony of nature, worries fade away.


Retreat highlights include nondisclosures, tech-free surroundings, breakout sessions for self-discovery, guided meditation, inspiring speakers,  light breakfast and afternoon snacks, gourmet lunch with keynote from industry expert, onsite massages, group coaching, yoga, networking with women leaders, serenity, spiritual renewal, and a Wellth House gift bag.

Our sanctuary is meticulously crafted to nurture your mind, body, and soul, placing your well-being at the forefront. Embrace a tangible reality of peace and serenity as you embark on an extraordinary journey. Welcome to our oasis of renewal.

Screen Shot 2023-08-11 at 4.42.27 AM.png


“The micro aggressions I face daily are even more pervasive as a black woman leader.  I was mentally exhausted. Connecting with like-minded women and discussing ways we can be better and we can help our organizations, was empowering. The time I spent refueling at the Wellth House was transformative.  I found me again.”

wynona king

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