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A special thank you to our Retreat Sponsors who allow us to pour into our women of color leaders.  Interested in becoming a sponsor?

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Businesses should consider sponsoring the Wellth House for the following compelling reasons:


1. Enhanced Corporate Social Responsibility: Sponsoring the Wellth House demonstrates a commitment to social impact and supporting the well-being of women leaders. It aligns with a company's CSR goals and showcases its dedication to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment.


2. Access to a Unique Target Audience: The Wellth House attracts a niche and influential demographic of women of color leaders. Sponsoring the facility provides businesses with direct exposure and access to this valuable audience, enabling them to build brand awareness and establish meaningful connections.


3. Positive Brand Association: By aligning with the Wellth House, businesses can enhance their brand image as advocates for wellness, mental health, and empowerment. It creates a positive association and showcases the company's values and commitment to supporting women in leadership roles.


4. Networking and Collaboration Opportunities: Sponsoring the Wellth House opens doors to networking and collaboration opportunities with other like-minded businesses and influential individuals. It facilitates meaningful partnerships, knowledge sharing, and the potential for business growth.


5. Talent Attraction and Retention: Supporting the Wellth House can bolster a company's reputation as an employer that values employee well-being. This can help attract and retain top talent, especially women leaders who prioritize work-life balance and personal growth.


6. Positive Public Relations: Sponsorship of the Wellth House generates positive PR opportunities, allowing businesses to showcase their involvement in a groundbreaking initiative that supports women's empowerment and wellness. This can lead to increased media coverage and public recognition.


Overall, sponsoring the Wellth House offers businesses a unique opportunity to make a tangible impact, connect with a valuable target audience, enhance their brand image, and contribute to the advancement of women leaders' well-being and success.

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