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Our Team.

When three leaders come together and they have the right heart and spirit, magic happens.

our why

​The Wellth House of Atlanta was founded after spending the last two years researching and crafting a healing  experience that focuses on awakening women executives spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially.   

Navigating the path of a woman executive is a remarkable yet demanding journey. Confronting the trials of change and adversity can be arduous, whether it involves the pressures of your professional environment, experiencing job loss, the passing of a loved one, feelings of isolation, divorce, or grappling with depression, among other challenges. In the face of escalating mental and physical exhaustion, we have established a hallowed refuge—a sanctuary—with a singular purpose: nurturing women's well-being.  For true wealth lies in safeguarding our health.


Welcome to The Wellth House!

BECOME A premier pioneer MEMBER

The Wellth House - where women leaders feel safe, seen and supported.  



You are not alone.  We are here to help.


The Wellth House's mission is to teach women leaders how to unlock their inner power and self-healing abilities, so that they can prosper in life, in love and in business.


To change the world, one "wellthy" woman leader at a time.

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